Thursday, August 6, 2009


Wednesday... several of our group went to the convention center to take in some performances and they had a great time. The rest of us, went over at lunch time. Jen Sargent was to preach at 3:24, Elizabeth at 5:16.

They both did an excellent job! During the evening service I gathered results for their entries as well as Nate Nemetz's pre-judged entries. The results are below.

Elizabeth Erickson: American Sign Language Solo - SUPERIOR

Nate Nemetz: Poetry - SUPERIOR
Nate Nemetz: Short Story - SUPERIOR

Jen Sargent: Short Sermon - SUPERIOR WITH HONORS and a call back invitation for 11:00 on Thursday!

Great job everyone!

Youth choir practiced out side and worked on their choreography making it crisp! They perform tomorrow at noon!

Everyone was pumped after service last night, and the students and some adults walked the streets back to the hotel singing and having a great time!!!

It was a great Day!

We head back to the convention center early on Thursday, for Jen's callback! More youth choir practice, and viewing more entries... especially youth choirs and human videos!

Have a blessed day!

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