Friday, August 7, 2009


Wow... What a day!

It started early with a youth choir group picture by the bus with the bus driver, Ray. Then we headed to the convention center.

Jen Sargent had her short sermon 1st callback and she did an excellent job!!! On the first day of her sermon there were upwards of 220 short sermon entrants! At Jen's first callback, she was 1 of 22 entrants!! On her 2nd callback she was 1 of 11 entrants!

We will only know tonight if she advances any further. Pray she does!!!

We spent the better part of the day at the conv center, as the youth choir was practicing, listening to other youth choirs, watching Jen.
Then we went for dinner at Golden Corral and we celebrated with Ben, his 17th birthday, enjoying cake after a short practice at the hotel. Then it was chill time in the pool!! And early light out! (Uh-huh....)

It was an exciting day!!

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