Monday, August 3, 2009


Well, Monday came with Karine being exhausted from having to change from one hotel room to another at Midnight, and then volunteering to stay home from the beach to leisurely run over and "quickly" register our students for their events!!! 3 1/2 hours later... she was still in line when we returned from the beach!

Natomi's trip down was met with stress and many phone calls and texts back and forth, as she deal with a fairly major snafu in her flight down! But, she arrived safe and sound, and was pleasantly surprised to see Andrew Cameron at the airport ... allowing her to tag along to have traveling companions as she ventured out to International Drive and eventually our hotel!

The trip to the beach was rewarded by our first stop to pick up the t-shirts. The kids will have something to wear when performing! Then we headed to Ron Jon Surf Shop! It's a great place!

Cocoa Beach is a pretty area, and we went to the beach near Oh Shucks & Marlins. We rented a surf board to let the kids try it out... they all had a great time in the water. Lunch at Marlin's was really good!

Our beach time was cut a little short by a storm rolling in. It was cool to watch the rain come rolling in further down the beach, and to see the interesting storm clouds. We were, however, able to arrive safely on the bus before the rain hit us, and we were blessed to limit the amount of sand dragged on board! We all appreciated that, especially since it is our home away from home for much of this trip! Thank you Mindy and Cindy for your diligent efforts in that area!!

Our trip to the beach was overshadowed a bit, by Dan Cooper getting a rather impressive little fish bite, on his arm; and Bill Sargent experiencing some medical issues that warranted a trip to the local E.R. He was kept overnight for observation, but is doing well. Please keep Bill, Darlene (who is home in WI), Kimberly and Jennifer in your prayers, as tests are run and this all gets figured out. We miss you Bill!

Registration handled...the kids back at the hotel to shower and change for service, the group headed over (minus Barb... who needed just a little down time) to the opening service. It was great, and Jeff Deyo performs at the youth services each night this week! The group avoided the crazy mob of people at the end of the service, by chilling a little longer at the convention center, playing a hearty game of Duck Duck Goose!! HA HA!

Performance times are as posted below:
Youth Choir sings at Noon on Friday
Jennifer Sargent preaches her short sermon at 3:24 on Wednesday
Elizabeth Erickson performs her American Sign Language Solo at 5:16 on Wednesday

Tuesday activities will include youth choir practice time with Pastor Marsha, pool time, a shopping trip to Wal-Mart for necessities, and a trip back to the Women's Mission to spend time with the kids there. There are upwards of 70 children there, ranging in age from little babies to 17 years old! As well as the arrival of our last parent chaperone, Tammy Francour! Woohoo!! All will soon be present and accounted for!

It should be a great day. We're all healthy, happy and enjoying our time together in Florida! Praise God for this amazing opportunity!

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