Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday! - on Tuesday... we hung out at the hotel, youth choir practiced in the breakfast room of the hotel, pool time.. you know... lots of Fun!!!

It was a very relaxing day. Then we headed to Super Wal-Mart! We needed to restock on food and stuff. We were planning to go to the Women's Mission again, and we wanted to take some school supplies to donate to the mission. So, we took up a collection on the bus, and collected $87.00. We ran feverishly through the school supplies area, throwing random things into the cart, not really keeping track of the $ amount. When we got to the checkout, the total was $86.38 !!! We took 9 bags filled with school supplies!

We went to the mission, and our students played at gym-time with the kiddos from the mission! They ranged from 3 to 16 years! Snake-eyes, kick, ball, basketball, football, were among the activitied there. The kids loved to play with our kids, and they also loved the cameras!!!

It was an awesome time! When we returned to the hotel, Bill was back, with Pastor Gabe, Kim and Caleb. He's doing well.

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