Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ministry Sunday!!!

It was an amazing day of ministry... this morning at the Mens division, Pastor Dan spoke, and the crowd went wild!! Preach it brother, they shouted!! They loved him and his amazing message! We went there to bless them, through ministry, and they ended up blesssing us, as well, with a meal at lunch!! It was awesome. The choir sounded great, and Jen Sargent did a great job filling in as our drummer since Bill wasn't arriving until tonight.

We had some free time this afternoon, and 1/2 the group went to the local mall, and the other 1/2 came back to the hotel to swim. Fun was had by all, even Dave... who loves to spend 3 hours shopping... don't you Dave!?!?

Tonight, we arrived at the Womens division and after a small "where to park the bus" dilemma... we went into the center and several of the kids were able to help serve dinner, pour drinks, and then clean up after dinner.

There were several women and children at the center, and the kids were SOOO cute! The choir sounded amazing in the gymnasium. The women's division was beautiful, built on a small lake.

We ended the evening, with dinner at CiCi's pizza buffet.

Tomorrow, we load up the bus early and head to pick up the youth choir t-shirts, the very ones that the Youth Choir will wear for competition, and then on to Cocoa Beach for some fun in the sun! A stop to Ron Jon Surf shop is also on the ticket for tomorrow! We will not be registering the choir until later in the afternoon,

I will post the performance times when we get them tomorrow. We hope to try to avoid the possible inclement weather, at the beach, which may hit later in the afternoon. Thus, we are hoping to arrive at the beach early, and leave mid afteroon.

In the evening we will attend the Opening service, which begins at 7 p.m.

All the kid, and the adults, are healthy, and well nourished!

Sleep well family and friends... look for an update tomorrow!

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