Saturday, August 8, 2009


Friday started with all of us heading over to the convention center to have youth choir practice to their noon entry! They did great, changed into the choir shirts, and we headed to the choir entry room.

They had a couple of choirs to listen to, and then they were on deck! The choir entered onto the risers and they positioned themselves appropriately. Pastor Marsha ran the sound check with the instruments, and then she counted off... 1, 2, 3 and the choir turned in unison to face the back wall. The crowd in the room loved it! Then the music began, and on the appropriate beat, the sopranos, then altos, then the guys turned to face the audience and they the song rain down!!! They did the best I have ever seen them! They nailed the ending... and the crowd went wild!!

They filed off and we rejoiced in the hallway! Pictures taken, from the balcony of the choir below... and we filed outdoors to take some pictures by the lake.... It was an exhilarating time!

1/2 of the group went with P. Gabe and Serah to see G.I. Joe. The rest of us went back to subway and the hotel to swim! It was a great afternoon.

We loaded the luggage on the bus at 6 pm. and we headed to McDonalds and the convention center for the closing Celebration Service.

Final results for the Youth choir: 9th place out of 45 youth choirs!

Jen Sargent: 11th place out of a ton of choirs!!

It was a great time. We walked back to the hotel, and loaded the rest of the stuff and kids on the bus and we departed from the hotel at 11:30 pm. Ray, the bus driver, slept much of the day in order to be prepared to bring us home!

It was an awesome day!

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